The Curse Of Comparison

According to psychology, one of the most evident causes for unhappiness is comparing yourself to others. This is profoundly true. It is amazing how comparing yourself to others can rid you the joy of what you have.

It is a proven fact that Facebook causes depression in their users because everyone seems to be happier than you.

If you don’t believe me, compare your significant other to someone else and see what happens. People don’t like being compared to others, why should we do that to ourselves?

When I was in high school, I wasn’t the most intelligent but people assumed that I was and many approached me for help with certain subjects. Some students used to say that before every exam I would eat the textbook and vomit it out on the test papers. The strangest thing is that there were more intelligent students than me. There was one guy who used to throw a fuss because he had 99% for a maths paper and he would demand from the teacher for that 1%. And here I am, thanking God that I got my 80%.

Happiness is relative.

Yet I always asked God: How come those students who don’t even know you, achieve such good grade and I don’t?

I went through school and eventually, the last day arrived and as I waited for my Dad to pick me up I overheard those students speaking about the drugs that they had taken during a party and that they were plotting for another go at it. I then realized something: They may be intelligent but that doesn’t mean that they have wisdom…

Wisdom can only come from God. Intelligence is from this world and it means nothing without God.

So remember, next time you compare yourself to others, what are you missing in your own life that you haven’t seen yet? What troubles are you begging from God that is in the that person’s life that you wish you could have? What standard are you using to justify that your life is dull and mundane? Is it the worldly standard or the will of God?

The world will tell you that you will be happy when you have that great job, marriage, house and car but look around, we see divorces, stressed jobs that leave no time for family, a car that drives you to places you don’t want to go and a empty house.

The comparison complex affects everyone but we need to snap out of it. The famous one is the single comparison. I used to be affected with this. There comes a time when you realize that you are single and it is like an epiphany. Strange enough, everywhere you go you see happy couples. They are mesmerized by each other and you wish you had someone by your side. What makes it worse is that I do online surveys and every one of them asks me my relationship status. Single.

The world has made it seem that singleness is a disease or some kind of hardship. but it is just a temporary time in your life. Enjoy your singleness, because once you lose it, to gain it back with either be the tragedy of divorce or widowhood.

Movie Time

Have you ever wondered how movies are made? It all starts with a picture. A picture contains  many pixels that make it up. The more pixels used, the higher the definition and clarity of the picture. Now take that picture and create many different ones like frames. Change the frames couple times a second and it creates the illusion that the picture is moving.

Movies are an illusion…

The thing about movies is that there is a message in them. I believe that unless you learn something from a movie, there’s no point in watching it. The message must be something inspirational and not a worldly influence. You might not like to hear the rest of this post because I’m going to say something that might be unacceptable to some but I think everyone should know this. A Christian should not watch movies that can affect them negatively in a spiritual way. Matthew 6:22-23 says the following: The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes is good, your whole body will be filled with light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness…..

If this be the case, we should be careful what message of indoctrination and brainwashing is being conveyed via movies.

Pureflix and Sherwood Pictures are two main producers of Christian movies like Do you believe? (2015) by Pureflix and Courageous (2011) by Sherwood Pictures. But the best movie produced was when these two collaborated to film Moms’ night out (2014). It was the most hilarious movies I have ever seen.


I really recommend this movie Matchbreaker (2016) for anyone to watch. It has an amazing message that it conveys throughout the entire movie. It made me laugh so much that my parents came to check on me to see if I was okay. Ben Davies acts there as well, he is a Christian actor who plays a part in the movie Uncommon (2015).


Uncommon (2015) is about a Christian guy decides to stand up for Christ no matter what the consequences may be…


A Christian should not watch a movie that contains the following:

  • Blasphemy, where they use the name of Jesus and God in vain or mock Christianity
  • Sex scenes or pornography
  • Foul language and profanity
  • Gratuitous violence

So we come to this dilemma….

What if I’m watching a movie and I don’t know if there is anything wrong with it? How would I know if a movie is bad if I haven’t watched it? And sometimes we have watched a movie halfway and then there’s  an ungodly surprise. But because we are so engrossed in the movie, we don’t switch it off and continue to watch till the end. In my personal experience I have stopped the movie 5 minutes into the movie because of swearing, sometimes an whole hour into it because I couldn’t handle the content…

So what do we do?

Well here is the solution….

We go to the IMDB site…


We enter the name of the movie onto the search bar. As an example, I am going to search for the Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018).


I then select the movie that I want to find out about. I then scroll down to Parents Guide. I select that tab….


It will then give me the genres of scenes that this movie contains….


Now you may ask: why would a Christian movie contain two scenes of sex and nudity? That’s because it doesn’t! They pick a scene and place it in that genre. For example, Paul may expose his torso because he is getting flogged or a couple is kissing. This guide is extremely strict in the sense that if a woman walked with a dress up to her knees in the movie, it would be recorded here.

For violence and gore would be the persecution the Church faced under Roman Law. Again, this guide is strict, if someone is slapped or pushed, it is recorded here. It is best if children don’t watch violent movies.

Profanity is where all the bad words are recorded. In this movie, someone calls someone a ‘hell hole’. Be careful what foul language the movie you want to watch contains.

Alcohol, drugs and smoking is also a genre to inform if it is in the movie.

The last genre is frightening and intense scenes. This will be filled up to the brim in horror movies. I don’t recommend horror movies has the sole purpose of the movie is to incite fear into the viewer. 2 Timothy 1:7 says; For God has not given us a spirit of fear…

So there we have it, this is how you can determine what movies are appropriate to watch. However, some movies are obvious in the title like Fifty shades of grey, that is a sick masochistic movie and in it’s unbelievable how people will pay to see a movie featuring sexual abuse. This is not of God and a Christian should not watch such trash.

So may you guard your mind and your heart by what you choose to see. God bless.