So I have this annoying smartphone that drives me crazy! It keeps on freezing and when I need to do the most important things, it decides to take an interval. It is most fortunate when you are in a rush and you need to get something done and then everything goes still motion picture.

So i tap the Instagram icon an that gives a command to the motherboard of the smartphone to open the application. The CPU spins to obey this command. However, if your RAM is too full or too slow, the action is delayed or not carried out at all.

I have a Hisense smartphone. One must understand that Hisense also makes refrigerators and this is why my device always freezes.

Sometimes I get so mad at this phone I literally take it and smack it against a wall or any solid object around me. Not too hard otherwise, I’ll break my phone. And no, it doesn’t change anything.


I wonder how God feels when He gives us a command and we don’t do it? Or we delay the action we were supposed to carry out? Yet God isn’t ever really mad at us. He is always caring and never hates us. He loves us all the time. If our lives depended upon obedience, all of us would have been dead by now. But here we, dressed in Grace and because of the Cross, we have eternal life and many second chances.

So when you are given a command, do your best to carry it out with swiftness, because someone might be depending upon your action, and you could miss the opportunity of changing someone’s life. Don’t be frozen. Move.

So remember, next time your smartphone or laptop freez—-

Movie Time

Have you ever wondered how movies are made? It all starts with a picture. A picture contains  many pixels that make it up. The more pixels used, the higher the definition and clarity of the picture. Now take that picture and create many different ones like frames. Change the frames couple times a second and it creates the illusion that the picture is moving.

Movies are an illusion…

The thing about movies is that there is a message in them. I believe that unless you learn something from a movie, there’s no point in watching it. The message must be something inspirational and not a worldly influence. You might not like to hear the rest of this post because I’m going to say something that might be unacceptable to some but I think everyone should know this. A Christian should not watch movies that can affect them negatively in a spiritual way. Matthew 6:22-23 says the following: The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes is good, your whole body will be filled with light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness…..

If this be the case, we should be careful what message of indoctrination and brainwashing is being conveyed via movies.

Pureflix and Sherwood Pictures are two main producers of Christian movies like Do you believe? (2015) by Pureflix and Courageous (2011) by Sherwood Pictures. But the best movie produced was when these two collaborated to film Moms’ night out (2014). It was the most hilarious movies I have ever seen.


I really recommend this movie Matchbreaker (2016) for anyone to watch. It has an amazing message that it conveys throughout the entire movie. It made me laugh so much that my parents came to check on me to see if I was okay. Ben Davies acts there as well, he is a Christian actor who plays a part in the movie Uncommon (2015).


Uncommon (2015) is about a Christian guy decides to stand up for Christ no matter what the consequences may be…


A Christian should not watch a movie that contains the following:

  • Blasphemy, where they use the name of Jesus and God in vain or mock Christianity
  • Sex scenes or pornography
  • Foul language and profanity
  • Gratuitous violence

So we come to this dilemma….

What if I’m watching a movie and I don’t know if there is anything wrong with it? How would I know if a movie is bad if I haven’t watched it? And sometimes we have watched a movie halfway and then there’s  an ungodly surprise. But because we are so engrossed in the movie, we don’t switch it off and continue to watch till the end. In my personal experience I have stopped the movie 5 minutes into the movie because of swearing, sometimes an whole hour into it because I couldn’t handle the content…

So what do we do?

Well here is the solution….

We go to the IMDB site…


We enter the name of the movie onto the search bar. As an example, I am going to search for the Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018).


I then select the movie that I want to find out about. I then scroll down to Parents Guide. I select that tab….


It will then give me the genres of scenes that this movie contains….


Now you may ask: why would a Christian movie contain two scenes of sex and nudity? That’s because it doesn’t! They pick a scene and place it in that genre. For example, Paul may expose his torso because he is getting flogged or a couple is kissing. This guide is extremely strict in the sense that if a woman walked with a dress up to her knees in the movie, it would be recorded here.

For violence and gore would be the persecution the Church faced under Roman Law. Again, this guide is strict, if someone is slapped or pushed, it is recorded here. It is best if children don’t watch violent movies.

Profanity is where all the bad words are recorded. In this movie, someone calls someone a ‘hell hole’. Be careful what foul language the movie you want to watch contains.

Alcohol, drugs and smoking is also a genre to inform if it is in the movie.

The last genre is frightening and intense scenes. This will be filled up to the brim in horror movies. I don’t recommend horror movies has the sole purpose of the movie is to incite fear into the viewer. 2 Timothy 1:7 says; For God has not given us a spirit of fear…

So there we have it, this is how you can determine what movies are appropriate to watch. However, some movies are obvious in the title like Fifty shades of grey, that is a sick masochistic movie and in it’s unbelievable how people will pay to see a movie featuring sexual abuse. This is not of God and a Christian should not watch such trash.

So may you guard your mind and your heart by what you choose to see. God bless.


5 Insulting Things Jesus Said

Jesus said only the truth, but sometimes the truth is offensive. This can make some people upset. Jesus must have said many things that made people upset but here are just 5 things that I think is the highlight

Luke 11:27-28

So a woman in the crowd says to Jesus;  “Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you.”

And Jesus replied..

Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.

This is a direct confrontation to the lady who was complimenting Jesus. His reply was almost an insult. I can’t help to laugh every time I read this verse. I find it hilarious. Jesus said the truth, all or nothing.


Matthew 23:15

Here Jesus is scolding the Pharisees with His ‘woes’ and in one of them he mentions this…

Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land  and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

Here He calls the Pharisees and teachers of the law ‘sons of hell’.


Luke 13:32

Some Pharisees decide to make Jesus afraid by warning Him to leave a certain place because King Herod wanted to kill Him. And Jesus’ reply was epic…

Go tell that fox, I will drive out demons and heal people today and tomorrow, and on the third day I will reach my goal.

He calls Herod a ‘fox’ which actually is not so serious since the Pharisees were probably lying to Jesus about Herod who always wanted to see Him. He was rather curious about Jesus.

Luke 12:14

A random guy approaches Jesus asking Him to tell his brother to divide their inheritance, to which Jesus replied…

Man, who appointed me a judge or an arbiter between you?

I like the way He used the ‘man’ in the sentence. I sometimes read it out with American accent in my mind.


Mark 7:18

Jesus’ disciples asked Him a question about a parable that He had said earlier. Then Jesus asked them this condescending question….

Are you so dull?

Translate this into modern day and it would sound like someone saying to you, “Are you stupid or something?”

He was extremely rude to the Pharisees, rich men and His disciples who seemed to never understand the important things in life. Yet He was extremely kind to the poor and those who society considered to be sinners. Jesus didn’t like self-righteousness, whether is was by works or riches, neither did He like someone trying to be greater than everyone else. If the truth is real, then something had to be fake. And whatever is fake will be criticized inevitably.


My First Outreach

If I remember correctly, my first outreach took place the Easter weekend of the year 2012. We camped at a caravan park in Scottsburgh, a resort town south coast of South Africa. After school that Friday, we took our luggage that was packed the previous day and got to our Church where we were set to leave at 3pm. But of course, some people arrive late so we ended up leaving at 4pm. As soon as we arrived, i was already tired. However, our youth leaders had other plans. There was another youth group that were joining us on this trip, so we were playing games with them on the beach! At 8pm, here I was running around hoping it would be my last game! Finally, when it was all over, the youth leader of the other group decides to take out his guitar and start worshipping on the beach. I love worshipping God, don’t get me wrong, but I was tired and here we are singing and dancing to old classics at 10pm! The other youth were so energetic that I had to move out the way for their rapid movements. I eventually had enough as I was literally falling asleep, I had a shower and hit the sack. Strange thing though, the other youth group had fasted the entire week …..

Youth camp

Our youth group had many items that were rehearsed such as dance and skits so when we visited churches in Scottburgh, we had a schedule that fitted in well with the sermon that our youth leader had prepared. It was a pretty cool arrangement and this stunned the congregation. We then decided to visit a block of flats where speakers and sound were set up and they started to preach the Gospel. We were given tracts and told to go give them out and tell people about Jesus. I walked around handing out tracts as I made my way to the flats. I climbed the stairs as I made my way up along the floors and many accepted the tracts while some shook their heads in disregard.

I finally arrived to the last address at the very top. The door was open but the gate was closed. Not locked. A lady sat on the sofa.

“Jesus loves you ma’am” I stated as I stuck my hand through the gate holding out the tract. She didn’t respond. So I stuck the tract in the gate’s design and turned to leave and stopped when I heard ‘Pray for me’.

I turned back decided to go inside to pray for this old lady. I was praying like crazy! Thinking what could go wrong. At the beginning of the outreach, the youth leader gave us all a sinners prayer card that was laminated. I had stuck it in my Bible which i was carrying with at the time.

“Do you want to accept Jesus as your personal Saviour?” I asked the old lady who just nodded.

So I opened my Bible and told her to repeat after me, “Dear Lord Jesus….”

She nodded.

“You need to repeat after me.” I repeated.

She nodded.

“Dear Lord Jesus….”

She whined, almost like a puppy’s cry.

I was getting freaked out so I just blurted out the entire salvation prayer while I heard her whine the entire time. I got up to leave and she started to raise her hand and praise God. Worshipping Jesus right there. I looked at her as if she as crazy.

“I was mute and now I can speak….”

At first I couldn’t register what was happening, then it hit me….

She was whining because she couldn’t speak. I prayed for her and returned to where the rest of the youth had gathered. That old lady was one of the many souls that were saved that day….

Youth camp2

I woke up the next morning quite early. I sat on those benches that faced the rolling waves that washed up onto the beach. I took picture with my old Nokia that had a VGA camera. The cool breeze wafts through as I read my Bible, thinking, we can claim to say that we believe in this book but do we really? Why do we doubt? Why can’t we see whats happening all around us? Are we too busy with what’s happening with our own lives? Do you really believe that that theological degree you are planning to obtain one day is going to help you accomplish what God has planned for you today?