Book Review #2

Young and Saved: Living in a world that’s not like you – Dane Fragger

After seeing the advertisement of this book for so long, I just could not take it any longer. I had to get this book! The title captured my attention every time I saw it. Dane Fragger has really walked boldly into the dark shadows of the grey areas of Christianity. He doesn’t waste time spinning around the bush but deals with the problem at hand. What the church is failing to let the young people know, Dane spreads it out in broad daylight in this book.

If the Church does not teach the young people about sex, the world will do it for us…

Dane has had a dark past with all the mistakes he has made. He has repented and come to the truth of chastity and morality, walking in godliness and holiness. He now strives to get his message across to other young people so that they can avoid destroying themselves and their souls. His testimony is a great story that will teach many that this world is not worth it. AT ALL!

I could see that Dane did not go really in dept wit his past because it would not suitable for young readers. I appreciate that, he gives the message that the youth needs to hear. His theology is 100% and he doesn’t play with the truth.

Excellent read. To purchase Dane Fragger’s book, Click Here

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Last Christmas Message

I got a few questions. it might annoy you. It might make you think. It might make reprioritize your life. It might offend you and cause you to shrug it off, having no change in your life whatsoever…

But I have to ask these questions. I just have to…

If Christmas is about peace and joy, where is it? if it’s about family and friends, where is it? Why is no one happy? I just stopped by my local supermarket to buy a few things and I had to wait in the queue. I whipped out my cellphone to check any messages when a loud voice boomed from behind. “HELLO!”

I turned to see a middle-aged man who was also waiting in line, his eyes were directed to some of the cashiers. He had a load of grocery products in his arms. “I see you talking stories over there. We waiting here to be served here while you waste our time!”

So much for the happy season. People venting their frustration in a jolly time as Christmas. Why?

Why is that the very same season that is supposed to bring the family together is the same season that has so many fights and conflict? They are fussing and moaning on what theme they want, what gifts to buy, what food to prepare and what clothes they should purchase.

While we moan about the preparations, some don’t even have anything to prepare. While we complain about spending so much, some don’t even have money at this time of the year. While we complain about the family members that we cannot stand, there are people who have lost loved ones this year.

So, it is extremely obvious that our priorities have been shifted to something that’s not even important. But what is exactly? What is this pandemonium that has slipped into our lives? Is it selfishness? Is it Pride? Or is it the comparison between us and others?

How is it that we push down doors to get in shops for a better sale? How can saving a quick buck be more important than humanity? There are people trampled by hordes of greedy people?

Why is that the death toll is exponentially high in these times? Why is that some don’t live more carefully? Is this not the season about Jesus? Why is it that many engage in drunkenness? Vouching for fun but no responsibility is on the to-do list. And as they drown in their vulnerability, they miss most of the best parts of their lives…

And in the end, when the turkey is eaten, the bottles empty, and so are we. Because our happiness wasn’t based on what we had for Christmas but in what we give, who we are and what we were made to be….


Young Hearts

After much planning at our youth group, we had collected as many toiletries as possible. On Saturday, the 29th of October, all 15 of us arrived at Malvern Children’s Home with what we had to offer.IMG-20180930-WA0012.jpg

As soon as we entered the hall, we began to unpack the things we had brought while the children were called in. What we didn’t know was that 137 children would enter the hall creating the greatest cacophony ever possible.IMG-20180930-WA0007.jpg Excitement filled the room as the atmosphere of expectation grew. As the chaos began to escalate, our youth leader, Theo Msomi, began to speak and all of them sat down to listen.IMG-20180930-WA0015

Hanging on Theo’s every word, they listened to his life’s testimony. He gave them the Gospel and told them about Jesus, calling anyone if they wanted to give their lives to Him. Many came forward to accept Jesus, others wanted prayer.IMG-20180930-WA0014.jpg

After that, we engaged with them and gave them the most valuable possession: Our time. They laughed and smiled with excitement and joy as we played games and socialised with them. IMG-20180930-WA0016

If you had the eyes to see beyond into the pain, you would have the heart to change things.

There are 137 children but they can only cater for 120. That means sometimes they don’t even have enough food to eat. Sometimes they don’t even have toiletries. 20 children are not going to school because they have already been rejected. The government only helps them to a certain degree and after that, they have to fend for themselves by relying on sponsors who are gradually diminishing. The question is: What is the Church doing?IMG-20180930-WA0008


I had a look at the dormitories they lived in. It’s like a flat with many apartments that they share. I could see that their lives are monotonous by repetition so when they came to the hall, they came with great expectations and maybe a question in mind: Will my life be changed after this? Or will it continue to be the same?


It was strange for me because a random child approaches you and wants to sit on your lap. Or a girl sucking on a lollipop suddenly approaches you and gives you a hug. They want to be loved because they have not experienced it.


The saddest thing that occurred there was when we were about to leave and all the children headed back to their dorms. I happen to notice a young girl who never lost grip of her Christmas hamper gift bag. She had stuff in it as she headed up the stairs. But the ruffling of the crowd tumbled into her and she was pushed against the wall, grazing her arm. Her gift bag fell to the ground bursting all its contents down the stairs. She crumbled to the floor crying as I looked at what was in her bag. It was toys shaped in form of grocery items that one would buy from Checkers. She had collected these things over time and it became of sentimental value to her. I tried helping her fill the gift bag once again with all the toys but the bag was broken and this girl wasn’t going anywhere until she had all her things with her. I decided to get a packet to put all her belongings in and when i had returned with it, she was attempting to use her t-shirt to carry all her things. We deposited all her things into the packet and only then did she get up and go to her room. I then realized something, when we suffer so much loss in our lives, we tend to hold onto whatever we have left…