JOY pays a visit

I slumped into the sofa, exhaling my breath like a sigh. The dark room surrounded me with an air of melancholy; the mood was depressing. The neighborhood began to become noisy with the dogs barking; there was probably someone strolling down the road. Something slipped through the postal slot in my door and fell to the tiled floor. It was the postman. I got to my feet and numbly walked to the envelope lying on the floor. I picked it up and found it to be unmarked. I tore it open to find a letter addressed to me. It said:


Dear Kristian

It’s not common for me to be saddened for any matter, but that is how I feel since we have not met for a great while. We spent a lot of time with each other but recently, I think you have been absent. Therefore I have taken the liberty to pay you a visit today. If you are willing, answer the door when I knock, will you? The time of my arrival is when you have finished reading this letter.



The doorbell rang.

Joy? This couldn’t have been happening! But if Joy was behind that door, how could it accuse me of being absent? Was not Joy absent? The sadness of life, the nostalgia of the past, the despair of pain, and the tragic events of every day, how could Joy even exist?

The doorbell rang again.

Could Joy even be real? The world is becoming worse and worse. There was no reason to be happy. Evil is rampant, and good is withering away; how could Joy even show their face?

The doorbell rang a third time.

I grabbed the door and pulled it open. A woman stood there with a broad smile on her beautiful face. Her matted blond hair was soaked in the outside downpour. It was raining cats and dogs. She wore white jeans with yellow sneakers that matched her blouse. I was perplexed at her appearance.

The wind surged through the neighbourhood, but she stood there, enduring the gusts of wind. She extended her hand, “Hello, Kristian. I’m Joy.”

I turned around and said, “You can come in.” I slumped on the sofa again, and Joy walked in, closed the door to keep the wind from blowing in. She then sat on the couch opposite me, her smile still radiant.

“Can I help you?” I asked with a hint of hostility. The letter that was given had added to my indifference to someone I didn’t even know. She had accused me of having a problem and then blamed me for having it. Joy wasn’t going to get the good side of me. 

“Maybe I should ask you that?” Joy quipped.

“I don’t need your help. You have been absent from my life for so long that I’m fine without you.”

Joy look around the dark and gloomy living room, “Seems like it.”


“Being alive and living are two different things.”

I sighed.

“I haven’t been absent from you, Kristian, you have been absent from me.”

“What nonsense!” I spat.

“If you have been thirsty, it is not because the water hasn’t come to you, it is because you haven’t been to the water.”

“There we go again,” I remarked, “It’s all my fault!”

“Most of the time, people don’t like me.”

“I don’t blame them.”

“They love the sadness,” Joy continued, “They love to feel melancholy, the nostalgia of the past. They listen to the songs that make them sad because they somehow find it relatable. They think that their life is a path down a gloomy forest; the mist of despair blinds them from me. They become addicted to depression, they tend to love the pity party they constantly celebrate. They don’t want me because they either feel they don’t deserve me or probably because if they did have me, they might lose me.”

“I know many have believed in you, Joy. They revolved their entire lives around you, and guess what happened?” I stood up and stuck my finger into her face, “They had tragedy strike them! They had to face death and pain, where’s your joy now, huh?”

Joy sighed, “If there were no tragedies, I wouldn’t be here now, would I?”


I, Joy, cannot be defined unless sadness exists. I cannot be chosen if depression wasn’t real. I am here so that even amid pain and tragedy, I can still impact your life. People usually mourn over the dead; lately, many have been grieving over life.”

I sat in silence, my mind struck with the absence of words. Joy was right. I was on the wrong side of my emotions; instead of enjoying life, I mourned it.

“I’m really sorry,” I said.

“You have only yourself to apologize to,” said Joy, “You were the author of your own pain.”

Joy got up to leave. She arrived at the door.

“Thank you,” I said.

She turned to me and smiled, “You can thank me with your constant invitations. I would like to be in every part of your life…”

She opened the door, and the sun shone inside with brilliance, lighting up the room. Joy stepped outside as the light grew brighter, and she disappeared into the sun’s radiance.

And for the first time in a long time, I smiled…

Truth Finale: Kristian Meets Love

I, Kristian, am the Defender of Truth. Upon many attempts to gain an official encounter with Him, I managed to meet Truth in person. However, it was not like how I had expected. Instead, He seemed to have bluntly ignored me and told me to meet a random stranger. He said Her name was Love, and indeed, I was dejected that Truth drove off, leaving me standing there in the middle of the road. I was rather angry, so after I had emptied the AK47 into the two motorbikes, I climbed into my Pantera and drove off into the night.

Don’t ask me how, but I stood outside Her door. I knocked. This was the abode of Love, Truth told me to come here. The door opened, and a young woman stood before me. She was gorgeous and lovely despite the scars that were scattered across her face. She wore a white hat with a white trench coat and slacks. She smiled, “Hello, Kristian.”


“Do come in,” she gestured as she made way for me to come through.

“Any idea why I have to even be here?” I remarked.

Love smiled, “You’re not the first to ask that, even in that manner. But don’t you worry, you will soon find out.”

I gulped down the guilt that sat in my throat, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s no issue, Kristian, I see now why my husband sent you here.”

“Your husband?” I spat in astonishment, “You’re married?”

Love chuckled and looked at me with her deep blue eyes, “We have been married for so many years, Kristian, we go back to the beginning of time.”

“Well, I didn’t know that,” I shrugged. “I’ve been fighting for the Truth for a long time. I finally met Him, and He gave me the cold shoulder. Guess I could at least got a handshake but anyway…”

“Kristian, You have been chasing Truth, and I admire that, but you haven’t chased the full Truth, only what you thought it was.”

“Huh?” I frowned, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You can’t have the Truth without Love, and you can’t have Love without the Truth. They are married together. One without the other is not the entirety of their identity.”

“Okay, nice analogy, but the Truth is out there spreading the essential facts so that people can come to the light. What does Love have to do with it?”

“Well, Love is the reason why the Truth is out there risking His life so that people can be saved. Without Love, there’s no reason to spread the Truth, and without Truth, there’s no way to spread Love. Besides, you were really saving people when you blew them away with bullets, right?”

For the first time, the Truth stung me. But I also felt loved, and I realized that this couple worked amazingly together. I stared at Her beautiful face, trying to go beyond the innocent smile on her face.

“How did the scars come?”

Sadness crept into her eyes as she spoke, still smiling, “Every time someone rejects the Truth or me, it hurts…

It wasn’t long before I was back on the street, briskly walking towards my Pantera when a Rolls Royce stopped by. The chauffeur called to me, “Excuse me, I’m looking for a Kristian.”

“That would be me,” I replied with curiosity, “who’s asking?”

“I’ve been sent by Truth to collect you.”

I opened the door, and the Rolls Royce surged forward towards the night.

It wasn’t long before we arrived at a church. The sign Church of God is boldly portrayed at the entrance. The driver led me towards the door, which he opened and beckoned me to enter. There was a figure at the end of the auditorium, sitting on a high stool. He wore a trench coat and a hat.

“Welcome, Kristian,” the voice echoed from the silhouette, “I’m glad that you have been enlightened by the Truth.”

“Yeah, I guess. Didn’t know how it was supposed to be.”

“But now you know…” the figure got off the chair and walked towards me, “Now you must pledge your allegiance to me, testify that you will follow me and be my servant.”


“You must bow down to me and pledge your allegiance,” the figure repeated as the light shone on the man who walked towards me. He wore a red trench coat and a bowler hat. This wasn’t the man I saw earlier on. But the man looked exactly like Truth.

“I can’t do that.”

The man smiled, “So, you’ve decided to choose the other side now, have you?”

“No,” I replied, “I’m still following the Truth, and that’s the reason why I can see through your fake pretense!”

Deception stared at me with hatred, his lips pursed in anger, “How dare you?”

“You don’t seem to stop your stupid protests, do you? Don’t you know that you will never win no matter how many surgeries you go for?”

“You will pay for your insolence!”

“Not as much as you will pay for your sins!”

“Grab him!” Deception pointed at me. The driver leaped towards me, and I stuck my hand into my pocket and grabbed my car keys. I pressed a button. The man grabbed me and held my hands behind my back. Deception walked towards me, “Today, you will learn of my power!”

The sound of a rumbling engine could be heard, louder and louder.

“What’s that?” Deception asked with annoyance. There was a spray of headlights before the stain-glass windows burst at the entrance of the Pantera that sailed into the auditorium. The car wiped out Deception, sending him airborne. The seats scattered as the Pantera landed and turned. The driver let go of my hands and fled. I walked to my car, climbed in, and sped through the glass doors into the night.

The Pantera sped across the tar roads, traveling under the moonlit sky. I smiled when I saw the white Buick shoot across the intersection ahead. I realized that the Truth was meant to save, not to destroy. It was to liberate, not to imprison. I really enjoyed the visit I had with Love, She knew so much. I learned a lot from her. But I really wished I noticed the military tank following me…



An Impersonation of Truth: Kristian Meets Truth

The figure darted from shadow to shadow in the dimly lit alley. He wore a hood that hid his facial features. He eventually arrived at the door he was hoping to arrive at. He knocked and waited. The peephole slid open.

“Who is it?” the voice grunted.

“It’s Deception.”

“What do you want?”

“I’m looking for Dr. Compromise.”


Deception removed a photo from his trench coat pocket and held it up for the doctor to see. It was a photo of Truth. “I know you’re a good surgeon, I need you to make me look like Him.”

The doctor grunted with humour, “You can never be Him, Dee. Never!”

“I know Doc, but if people thought I was Him, I would get more followers. Just tell me if you can do it.”

“What are you willing to give?”

“A thousand or more souls.”

“Come by tomorrow, we got a deal.”

The white Buick sped along the open road, Truth was heading towards Falcity, a town that seemed to need His presence. Lights in the distance caused Him to slow down as he came to a checkpoint. Officers were standing by. They came towards Him when he stopped by the boom gate. The officer came to his vehicle as Truth rolled down the window.

“Where you going?” asked the officer with a look of annoyance.

“Falcity,” replied Truth.

“Got some ID?”

“If you don’t know me, an ID won’t help.”

“Falcity has banned you,” said the officer with a threatening tone.

“Really?” Truth asked as he slid the gear to reverse.

“Yeah, they said if we ever saw you, we should blow you to bits,” said the officer. He snatched his revolver from his holster, but the Buick was already accelerating backward. Gunshots were fired as Truth turned the car around and sped off into the night. He looked into the rearview mirror and noticed two motorbikes following him, giving chase. Truth stepped harder on the gas pedal, and the car surged forward with a roar. Bullets ricocheted off the white bodywork, and gunshots echoed. A bend in the road appeared, and the white Buick drifted before straightening up, and the bikes followed in an awkward angle.

The distance between the Buick and the bikes were diminishing as they revved harder to catch up. In the distance ahead, a blue Pantera was parked in the middle of the road. Truth slammed the brakes, bring the Buick to a halt to avoid a collision. The bikes braked but couldn’t stop in time and turned to the left and right, causing the bikes to slide horizontally across the road. The door of the Pantera opened, and a man walked out. He pulled out an AK47 and rested it upon his right shoulder. The man wore denim jeans with trainers, a white t-shirt and a grey parka.

“What do we have here?” his snide remark stung the air.

The officer to his right got to his feet and reached for his gun. In a swift movement, the AK47 swung down, and a shot was blasted. The officer flew back, landing on the ground, unconscious. He spun around and shot at the bike that lay on top of the other officer. The bike blew up in flames. The man walked towards the white Buick as Truth rolled down the window.

“Hello, Truth! How are you tonight?”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Kristian,” he said as he offered his hand, “I’m a fan.”

Truth ignored the offer and reached into the console and pulled out a card and offered it to him. Kristian took the card and looked at it. On it was the name ‘Love’ and an address. The card was white, and so was the writing, which made him wonder how he could read it?

“What’s this?” Kristian asked.

“Please pay her a visit.”


“Because you seriously need to…”

“I don’t understand. The Truth is all I need.”

“Unless you fully know her, you cannot fully know me…”



An Impersonation Of Truth

The white 1950 convertible Buick Roadmaster slid into one of the many available spots outside the nightclub. The man climbed out and took a fresh breath of air. He had been the same since He began, traveling with the same car, it never broke down ever since.

It was midnight, and the loud pop music that radiated from inside the club seemed to hurt His ears. The man wore a black fedora hat that matched His leather trench coat. He walked with steady steps towards the door where a bouncer firmly stood. The bouncer stared at Him with intimidation, but He didn’t flinch.

“Can I help you?” asked the bouncer.

“No, I’m fine, thanks.” He replied as he moved towards the door, but the bouncer blocked his way.

“We don’t allow your kind around here.”

“That is exactly the problem,” He replied, “I’m here to change that, you guys need me.”

“Deception says that you’re bad for business. I don’t think we need you.”

“Now, why would he say that?” He asked.

“Deception knows what you do. He can’t stand you.”

“I’ll only be inside for a bit. Just got something to say.” He shrugged.

“I know who you are, “the bouncer said, “I said no!”

Truth sighed.

The door blew open at the weight of the bouncer as he crashed inside, the door sailed into the air before crashing into the speakers, destroying the sound equipment. The reverb was deafening as Truth walked through the startled crowd. The scantily dressed women on the stage stopped dancing, and the musicians stopped the music. The strobe lights continued to shoot rays of electronic beams across the club. Truth got onto the stage.

A murmur in the crowd began to simmer, “Hey, who’s this guy? Why is He crashing our party?”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I greet you all in the Truth of all things. I greet you in the intrinsic reality of our time. For what you hold isn’t true, nor is it tangible. It is entirely counterfeit. Deception has made a living by giving you the appearance of something non-existent. You have bought pleasures and lusts that only damage your soul. What you need is the Truth, nothing else.”

Someone in the crowd shouted out, “Get this guy out of here! He’s a judgmental hypocrite. A Pharisee!” The group raged in protest. “Who are you to judge?”

Truth raised his hands, “I’m not judging. I have not given a verdict. All I have stated are facts and historical information. All I’m saying is the Truth.”

“People don’t want the truth, my enemy!” the voice echoed from the balcony that hung across the top of the club. Truth looked up to Deception; he was an oversized man with a ghastly appearance. His face radiated evil with piercing black eyes that sometimes turned red. He wore a red bowler hat that matched his scarlet trench coat. He pointed at Truth with his gloved hand, “How dare you come into my territory and tell my people what to do? You don’t belong here anymore.”

“I’m here to give these people one last chance to turn to me. I believe there is still hope. What you are selling to them isn’t going to be there forever, it will fail.”

Deception roared with laughter, “By the time anyone figures anything out, it will be already too late!”

Truth gritted His teeth. “That only means you know that I win in the end.”

The smile on Deception’s face disappeared, “I really don’t know what’s your problem, Truth. I make these people happy, I give them good music, good stories, and lessons of life. I give them a good feeling deep down as well on the outside. No one needs to feel offended by you anymore. I am the future, and you know it.”

“As far as I am concerned, you have no future, you will be soon exterminated.”

Truth turned to the crowd again, “People listen to me, this world can’t give you anything worth your soul. The pleasures can’t satisfy you either. You have to turn to what is true.”

“Oh, shut up!” screamed a woman, “I love it here.”

Truth looked up at the balcony again to see Jezebel dressed in a red trench coat and a white hat. She leaned against the balustrades, stared at Truth with red eyes.

“Why am I not surprised?” Truth muttered.

Lust followed as well, and so did Heresy. Pride and Adultery appeared to find out what was going on. Idolatry and Lukewarm walked in with curiosity. They stared at Truth with hatred and anger.

“You don’t belong here,” they said in unison with an unearthly voice.

Jezebel pointed at the Truth, “People who follow me, you don’t need this man. He is here to stir up trouble and take away what God has given us. He seeks to divide us…”

“That’s not true!” protested Truth, “I’m here to warn you of the coming judgment, it will arrive soon, and you need to prepare for the Kingdom that will remain forever. Stop investing in this world, it’s going  to pass away!”

Jezebel raised her voice, “He seeks to take away what belongs to us! Rid the earth of him!”

The crowd shouted in an uproar and rushed towards Truth, who fled towards backstage, desperately trying to find a backdoor. Finding one behind the curtains, he kicked it down and escaped into the night. The crowd carried clubs and sticks as they chased after Him. They wanted to kill him.

Truth rushed around the building and made a beeline to his Buick. He jumped in, and the engine roared to life. He backed her out of the parking lot and sped to the exit. He could see the crowd chasing after him in his rearview mirror. He shook his head as he saw the sign that appeared at the entrance of the club: Church Of God


With the world heading for a society that has a diminished morality, I’m still bewildered at the sickening sexual orientation of paedophilia. You might be surprised to find that many leaders in power are paedophiles. They have abused their powerful positions to accomplish an inhumane gratification of sexual desire. The abduction of children on a daily basis is appaling, some are never found again. This is the child sex trafficking nightmare that has shocked the world, having it’s epicentre in Florida and Texas. Child pornography is rampant on adult websites where the depraved minds can access perverted videos where nothing is out of consent, but entirely rape.

Lately, we have seen the banning of a recent paedophilic movie called Cuties.

According to city-data, the term ‘Cutie’ is a woman men want to marry. Why would they produce a movie that is aimed at young children, that makes religion appear cruel and boring? Yet, they promote promiscuous behaviour, twerking and immodest apparel. Strangely enough, it was rated for viewers over 18. Isn’t that fit for a paedophile? After the movie raised an uproar, Netflix changed the cover, showing an image that wasn’t too sexualized. According to, under the ‘sex and nudity’ tab was written “Very young characters seen doing sexually charged dance moves. Not seen as positive.”

Not only is this feeding the hungry paedophile but it is the spark to ignite the inferno of future paedophilic behaviour. It also teaches a different version of sexuality to children, perverting their minds at a young age, destroying the chances of them having a sexually pure life in mind and body. They want to change the syllabus of sex education in schools, including warped ideas of sex that you, as a parent, wouldn’t even want to imagine. Teachers were upset in the US because they couldn’t teach sex ed online because the parents might see what they are teaching, or rather what they are indoctrinating with. Some schools have introduced soft pornography into their classes. Yet they don’t teach about love?

After the Epstein scandal, the story was placed under wraps when he mysteriously killed himself. However, Joe Biden seems to be a sick man who keeps sniffing girls and boys and whispering strange things to them like: “I might run off with you.”

In a recent speech, he spoke of how he ‘loved the way children played with the hairs on his legs and played on his lap’. Now, if that isn’t the traits of a paedophile, I don’t know what is. 

Let’s not forget that Facebook and other social media sites support paedophilia. When someone reported a post that encouraged paedophilia as a sexual orientation, telling its viewers that a child is fit to have sex with an adult, Facebook thanked the person who reported it but stated that it did not go against their guidelines. Yet if you post something against LGBTQ you would be blocked in no time. Amazon was found to be selling child shaped sex dolls.

The support for paedophilia is rising. Oprah stated on her show that ‘molestation isn’t wrong unless it causes psychological setbacks later on in their lives’. In other words, there must be a unique and righteous way to sexually satisfy yourself with a child’s body.

Anti-Human trafficking concept: Woman abused for commercial purposes.

Could I go on? About how they extract adrenochrome from children’s bodies to make old people look younger. How some have made babies a delicacy. How some babies are used as a rape tool for money. Sex trafficking has made money of innocent children who will never adulthood in a healthy way. There was a 6 months old baby that was kidnapped and secretly advertised for sex. They only found the child when she was four years old.

Luke 17:2

It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin.

Ephesians 5:5

For you may be sure of this, that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure, or who is covetous (that is, an idolater), has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God.

Matthew 18:6

But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.

Dear beloved people, who hold on to the truth, the world is after your soul. If they can grab hold of your children before they can get a hold of what’s right and wrong, they can steer them into the wrong direction. They want to transform your children into uncontrolled individuals who have no conscience but a continual lust for all that which is perverted…