What are we doing?

When we think of Church, what images cross our minds? Sitting in pews while the preacher speaks while we expectantly await the closing of his sermon? Giving your tithes? Singing songs of praise and worship? Or praying to God?

We find that the Church of the early century had a profound difference from the Church of today. Prayer, worship and reading of the Scriptures were considered a normal lifestyle. It was there life. Yet today, we seem to only do that once a week. Some may say that they pray and read the Bible everyday. But for how long? 5 minutes? We don’t spend as much time as we ought to and that is why the Church has lost its efficiency in the world of today.

The two great ministries that the Church was involved in were:

  • The rapid spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • The feeding and clothing of the poor and widows as well as orphans.

Let’s look at the Church of today, are they involved in these two great ministries? No, rather they are preaching how rich we can get and how live for the best life. Christians are seeking the better life while there are people with no food on the sidewalks. What a false religion has overtaken us all! We want all that Christ has to offer but do nothing to be like Him. That beggar could be praying for something to eat and you could be the answer to His prayer yet we go on judging him for his lack of faith…..

Feeding the poor was so important in the early century that the apostles delegated seven men to take care of this ministry. {Acts 6:1-7}

And the Gospel still spread rapidly because the apostles spoke with boldness. They were not ashamed. Today, Christians are so afraid of speaking the truth in love. We don’t want to lose our friends so we compromise with them instead of standing by Gods’ standard. We crave the approval of men so extensively, that we lose our focus on the real reason why we are here. All this around us will fade away one day so don’t invest your life in something that will one day be non-existent for all eternity. The souls of perishing individuals are more important than the opinions of men.

It’s time that we stand up for what we believe in, ignore the traditions of men, and seek Gods kingdom and obey His commandments………


Apologetically insane…

So I was really interested in apologetics as the Bible says that you always give an answer for the hope that is within you….. 1 Peter 3:15. I decided to research apologetic debates and i did this on Google+. I then joined an atheist community to see what their arguments were all about.

Not a word of lie…. all the posts were Biblical scriptures! Why? They weren’t posting things against Christianity, they were posting things about the Bible! So i decided to comment…

“Hello there..
I just joined this community about atheism but all i see here is Christian stuff! What’s happening here?”

Immediately somebody started to verbally abuse me with foul language. However, one guy actually stood up for me by saying:

“Wait a minute here. That’s a good point! This is an atheist community, why is there things about the Bible? That’s a good question…”

And they started to argue amongst themselves, I slipped out of their community, never to be seen again…