Many Christians seek to move mountains or to walk on water yet have never engaged in menial things that people never notice. We seek to do great things because ultimately we will gain praises from people. Jesus rarely spoke about the ‘big’ things but told His disciples that they must be like servants. it is better to be a servant of god than to be a slave to this world. you cannot ask God to move mountains for you if you cannot do something as simple as treating people like how you expect to be treated. A lot of people look good on the outside yet inside is who they really are when nobody’s watching.

How do you treat people at your workplace or school or college? Is it the same way Jesus would? Are we the same character we are in church and at home? or do we wear a facade whenever we go to church. Jesus said that in order to be the greatest one must be the least. (Matthew 20:26)

It is no use proclaiming God’s word if you are not living it. If a man say, I love God, and hates his brother, he is a liar: for he that loves not his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen? (1John 4:20).

So wherever you go and whoever you meet, share God’s love, whether it be that slow cashier or that annoying employee or that selfish colleague. Do it for God, who knows, he or she could be saved because of your Christlike love.



Are you sometimes afraid of confessing your faith? Or do you keep quiet when your religion is challenged? Sometimes we want to defend our faith but we seem to be speechless at the time. Later on, we know exactly how to answer their blasphemous mockery. It’s all a learning process, we gain more experience in in evangelizing. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect. (1 Peter 3:15).

We can’t afford to keep quiet while people throw godly standards under the rug so that people can walk in unrighteousness. We need to be bold and stand for what we believe in. The light needs to shine and we will not be extinguished for the convenience of ungodly practices. Most mediocre Christians would rather escape the calling of their faith to be accepted by the majority. They will spend excessive time on energy trying to please their peers instead of seeking God who loved them so extensively, that He died for them while they were sinners. (Romans 5:8).

Ever since prayer was banned in schools in 1962, pupils have gone more violent and promiscuous. Evolution has been introduced into the syllabus and God is no longer an idea to entertain ones thoughts with. Would you let them know that there is a God who loves them? Would you take a stand?


I look at the world, and all I see is selfishness. I should not be surprised as this is prophesied in 2 Timothy 3. But what scares me more is that it is dominantly in the church itself. We have preachers constantly instructing the congregation to seek God for more and more. More prosperity. More health. More wealth. More opportunities and promotions. More gifts. More talents. More of this and more of that. Yet NO ONE thinks of the next person! The examples of Christ is highlighted by how much he had and what His stature was but they omit the background of selflessness. No one speaks about helping the needy anymore, or healing the sick, or giving encouragement to someone who is broken. Rather we judge them because that person has failed to be selfish like them. We are so concerned about ourselves that we forget that our lives do not belong us but it God’s alone. He uses us to reach others. We are so concerned about the gifts but fail to bear fruits. Without love, your feats are meaningless. Stop working so hard for temporary things that will one day fade away with this world. Focus on eternal things that will remain for all eternity.

We have come to the point where we seek inspiration instead of giving it.

We speak God’s word instead of living it.


Apologetics is the defending of the Christian faith. It is derived from the Greek word “apologia” which means to ‘give an answer’. This is the defense when your faith is violated. However, it also poses an offense to the one who questions your faith.

Failure to stand up for your faith will result in the Christian faith being proven improperly causing many to doubt Christianity. Also, it may lead to anarchy in society since the constitution is based upon biblical values.

Apologetics deal with 4 categories:

Other religions





Other Religions

There are 2 main religions that we will deal with, being Islam and Hinduism.


Despite the many contradictions in the Quranic suras that more than 60 suras were annulled, Islam still remains a steadfast religious system. The Bible cannot be the foundation here since Muslims believe that the bible was distorted by the Christians. However, the truth then lies within the Quran.

Jesus is said to have made a bird out of clay and given life to it. Since only God can give life, one can say that Jesus is God. Even though the Quran states that Jesus died on the cross, their misinterpretation of scripture makes them believe that another body was used and Jesus escaped. However, the Quran calls Jesus two distinctive names: Kamallah and Ruachallah, which is the Word of God and Spirit of God.

God created the earth through the Word and God is Spirit, this ultimately declares that Jesus is God.

However it is notable that the average Muslim will not accept this and will explain his way out of it for the advancing of Islam. Even if they have to lie….



This religion is derived from paganism. Paganism is the worshiping of creation instead of the Creator. Their doctrinal book is the Bhakra Gita, which has its origin from the Veda Sanskrit. Since they don’t believe the Bible, we will again use their doctrine…

The Veda Sanskrit has a God that is called Prajapati. It is the God that is above every other god also known as the Lord of all Creation. It is the Hebrew equivalent of Elohim. It is said that Prajapati will come down as Purusa, the man of perfection. The Veda Sanskrit also states that He will die for the sins of people and will be the only way of salvation. This can be used to lead Hindus to Christ but the Bhakra Gita must not be considered to be infallible.





Cults like Jehovah witnesses, seventh day Adventists and Mormonism had their origins in the 1800’s/ however. They still deceive many today.

Jehovah Witnesses.

Started in the 1850’s by Charles Taze Russell, it deceived many into denying the oneness of the Deity and the existence of hellfire. They have their own system of religious beliefs that are primarily based on good works and not on grace. One question a Jehovah Witness will find hard to answer is; Are you saved?

They can be refuted with scriptures such as:

Philippians 2:5-11

Galatians 1:8

Psalms 138:2

John 1:1

John 10:30

1 John 5:7




Originated by the founder, Joseph Smith who was told by an angel (Moroni), that there was a book written by an ancient prophet called Mormon. It said he found the book on a gold plate. This nonsensical doctrine has no integration with the Gospel since it is manmade. The only scripture applicable here is Galatians 1:8. They need to know the basis of salvation: we can only be saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.


Seventh day Adventists.

Believe in the Sabbath rest and warped eschatology, these members had an event called the Great Disappointment in 1844. They expected Christ to return in that year but since the day or hour unknown, they were greatly disappointed. They believe that they are the Elijah to come and the one that stops the antichrist.

They need to realize that Jesus is lord of the Sabbath. Matthew 12:8


New Apostolic church

Believed that Jesus did return in 1844 but no one could see it. Therefore we are now in the 1000 year millennium. Totally impossible since the world is on path of getting worse and worse, not the other way around.





This part of apologetics is the minor category but still remains crucial. Christians may have different views upon God’s word and correction may have to take place.  2 Timothy 3:16

Christians need to understand that the Word of God is infallible, but the interpretation of scripture is NOT. Therefore apologetics is for this very reason.



This is the most difficult sector since you have no basis but knowledge and fact. The Bible cannot be used unless it is integrated with science, fact and reality.

The problem with atheism is relativity. That is whatever is true for you is not necessarily true for me. Then we have rationality which needs substantial proof for your belief. Some will not accept your belief even if evidence was provided.

Which is easier? Proving that God exists or proving that He doesn’t? To prove that something exists, you just need to go show it to people. But how can you prove something doesn’t exist? It’s impossible.

Atheist haven’t disproved God, they have just replaced Him with a theory. Since they don’t want to be accountable for their actions, they CREATED a systematic belief to explain human origin. They are afraid that if God does really exist, they will reap the consequences. So they believe this lie to ease their conscience. But the fact that a conscience exist must explain God’s existence. How do we know what is right or wrong? The moral argument has been used countless times to prove God’s existence. Ravi Zacharias stated this answer when asked: Why is there evil in this world?

If evil exists, then good must also exist. If good and evil exists, the differentiation of good and evil exists; therefore a moral law must exist. If a moral law exists, a moral law giver must be. The moral law giver is God.


Since the relativist doesn’t believe anything other than what he or she perceives to be true, there was four possibilities of reality:

  1. Everything is an illusion
  2. Everything is self-created
  3. Chance
  4. The self-existent One



  1. The theory that nothing is real was ruled out by Descartes (paraphrased):

If I think that I’m thinking, this is real. If I doubt, I can only doubt what is real. Therefore, reality is not an illusion.


  1. The possibility that everything is self-created is 0%. In order for something to create itself, it had to be existent first in order to create itself. And since this is impossible, this has been ruled out.


  1. Chance is used to describe probability and is mostly calculated in mathematics. When people are playing cards, there is nothing causing someone to win. It is a risk or a chance. Since chance is uncontrollable, or has no control, it is nothing. Therefore the universe cannot have been existent by chance or accident.
  2. The self-existent One is the only option left and it is the most probable since the entire universe rings out a blueprint of intelligent design.


Charles Darwin was a missionary for Christ. However, having lost a loved one, he questioned his beliefs. If God is good, why does he cause so much pain and sufferings in this world? He then abandoned the ministry and went aboard the Beagle to search for the answer to the question of all existence. He came across some finches and by the colour of their beaks, created the evolution theory. He then stated that God used evolution to create everything. He died not being sure of the theory he invented. Two of his followers fought for the evolution theory to be recognized.

This is a theory based on assumptions of scientists that are going through great lengths to deny the existence of God. They manipulate data and research to add more bricks to the derelict structure of the evolution theory. There are many reasons why it is not true and we will see why. But first let us see what evolution is.

The basic evolution theory is this;

The entire universe was in a singularity, all matter was compressed and compact. Then, Bang! Everything exploded outwards and formed planets and stars and galaxies. The explosion caused the earth to become hot which melted a rock that turned into a chemical soup. Cells immerged from this chemical composition and started to multiply. Science states that many cell makes a tissue, many tissues make an organ, then to an organism, then to a system. This apparently happen repeatedly until this cell became a organism and then to a fish. It then started to walk out of water and onto land after it magically got rid of its gills. It then became monkeys and after billions of years after the Big Bang, humans evolved to its current state.

There are many things wrong in this theory and that is why it remains a theory and not a fact. The second law of thermodynamics state that all things move towards entropy. As long as there is time, objects wear away and get old until it disappears. Evolution is the opposite! Evolution is everything improving to be better, but reality is that everything is getting worse.

If the entire universe was in a singularity, how did all that matter come to be? Someone had to have created it. The law of radioactivity states that at some point of time, matter had to be created. Also, if it exploded, this is only possible if Newton’s law of inertia is applied. An object will keep moving or being at rest until an external force is applied. There was no force applied for the Big Bang so that makes it less credible.

People need to understand that the standard for right and wrong is the Bible. Compromise brings distortions of truth which will have contradictions. Christians cannot afford to integrate scientific theories with Biblical truth. Some researchers have now believed that god created the earth through evolution. This is not possible. Cells could not have popped out of nowhere. They couldn’t have evolved either. A cell is made up of many components that fit together otherwise it could not function at all. This is proof of an intelligent design. The cell is made of a motor, a rotor and the necessary links. It is machinery that multiply itself. No man on the planet can make such an invention. Another wonder is DNA, which is the abbreviated form of deoxyribonucleic acid. It is a molecule that carries the genetic instructions used in growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all living organisms. Each animal has a DNA structure that is different from another. All humans have the same DNA base but it is still different from another human. The DNA of a human will tell it is a human and so on. This is even mentioned in scripture;

All flesh is not the same: men have one kind of flesh, animals have another, birds have another and fish have another. (1 Corinthians 15:39.)

Since human DNA produces human DNA, how is evolution possible? It is impossible for the chimpanzee to disintegrate into pieces in mid air, rearrange itself into human and become a man. This would mean we could all shapeshift!

Scientists claim that evolution took a process of a billion years. They have found fossils of all creatures but have failed to find intermediate fossils. The in-between fossils don’t exist because evolution never happened. However, they claim that in those periods, evolution occurred rapidly. First, it took billions of years and now it occurred rapidly. This contradiction indicates that evolution is made up.


So I had an apologetic debate with someone a while back via text. I’ve changed the name to ‘Person’ for privacy of identity. Enjoy!


Kristian M. Marion: Do you believe in Jesus?


Person: I’m universal

Person: My partner is Christian and I’m Hindi. We respect our cultures.


Kristian Marion: You believe in all religion?


Person: Yes


Kristian Marion: But all religions contradict each other.


Person: They don’t, it’s man that contradicts.


Kristian Marion: Most religions such as Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism claim that in order to go to heaven, one must do good works.

Christianity says that good works cannot save you, only Jesus can save.

(I’m not trying to convert you.)


Person: Ok every religion has its own view.


Kristian Marion: If every religion is different, only one cań possess the truth. It’s your choice to follow the right one.

You choose which one is right.


Person: Every religion teaches to have morals and values, that’s why I respect them. If it wasn’t for the teachings we wouldn’t have order in mankind. If we have a good human being in Hinduism and in Christianity, they both value the purpose of life. Who are we to judge that persons existence? Do we look at another’s person’s religion below the eye?


Kristian Marion: True. We have spiritual laws that we must abide by. But can you look me in the eye and say that you have never sinned in your entire life?


Person: Every one sins….


Kristian Marion: True. Since a wrong has been done, you cannot go back and change it. Therefore you are to be punished, unless someone takes your place. For me, that would be Jesus.  In your situation your good would have to outweigh your bad in order to enter heaven.


Person: Who ever told you that is wrong. We are on earth to repent for our sins. And only by repenting can we go to heaven. It’s God’s duty to build our character for guiding what’s right and wrong. We are here only for a purpose. It’s sad that religions have become like parliament. That clutches us

If I have done wrong then it’s the man of God that thought me wrong that I had to slide…

If you had a girlfriend of a different culture, you would see her beautiful and attracted to her morals and value systems. It is cause of her religion that she was able to possess these qualities. Is that wrong? God treats us as individuals and grade as a mass.


Kristian Marion: Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to break up your relationships.

Imagine you appear before a judge for a serious crime.

Can you say:


Sorry judge, I repent of my crimes. Please don’t send me to jail.




Judge, Instead of putting me in prison, let me do community service.


The answer would be ‘No’ because it wouldn’t be justice.


Person: That’s human rule…


Kristian Marion: Yes. That’s human laws. But humans have flaws which mean God’s law is greater and his standard is higher.  His standard is perfection. How much more guilty are we then?