The empty barren land stretched for miles, stained by the blotches of fallen kingdoms, covered with the dust of entropy. I walked with heavy armor, my throat parched, my eyes straining to see what was ahead. I was told by many that I would find what I searched for, but I had underestimated the journey. Peering through the windy horizon, the dust blowing into my eyes, I noticed a rock jutting out of the ground ahead. Filled with determination, I pushed harder through the rough terrain, the elements persevering to hold me back from my destiny. I stumbled on, refusing to give up the hope I had within.

At last, I reached the jagged rock where a double edged sword stuck out like a sore thumb. There was a plaque embedded in the rock that stated:

He who is worthy and true will take up this sword and fight the battle that rages, none will stop him until he reaches victory.

Dominus autem salutem tribuet

Who is worthy and true? Is it not me, who have travelled so far to gain hold of this treasure? Is it not I, who will conquer all the battles that I face? Will not victory be mine? I grabbed at the sword and pulled…

It wouldn’t budge! I pulled and heaved but to no avail. I grunted in frustration. “WHY?” I shouted out aloud.

“The sword was not meant for you, Kristian.” the voice came from behind. I turned to see a man dressed in soldier gear sit on a rock, he was looking at the horizon.

“What do you mean not not meant for me?” I spat, ” Do you have any idea how far I have travelled to get here?”

“Yes, and I sympathize and recognize the wastage.”

“How dare you?”

“The sword is not yours, Kristian, and neither is the battle, it belongs to God. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you will see the victory before it even takes place. God has called us to rest in Him, that is how we fight…”

Published by Kristian M. Marion

Kristian M. Marion is a Christian thinker, poet, writer, author and blogger whose main focus is to glorify Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

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