The Definition Of Love

The world shouts out a definition, a definition of love. Yet they can’t even pronounce it! Influencers shove infatuation and sensuality down the throats of young people who chase a shadow. And we wonder why they lack substance?

Detrimentally to the souls of people, they pursue a fake depiction of love, hollow lust. Torn and broken, they speak bad of love, yet they scandal something they don’t even know…


We err to think that love is a rose, a rose that only blossoms when present in favourable conditions. When in fact, love is a cactus thriving in the desert, irrespective if there is rain or not, it still has the ability to give water. Love isn’t based on conditions, it is unconditional. It isn’t based on what it can benefit but it cares infinitely. So ask yourself if you truly love, because many of us don’t. We think we love but in actual reality, we are submerged in lust. Would you love with someone who is not faithful to you? Would you love someone who is bent on bringing you harm? Your answer would be ‘no’. Yet Christ loved unconditionally, He loved those who were still in sin, even for those who rejected Him.

Love can never be wasted because love isn’t based upon reciprocity. – C.S. Lewis

Unless we love like Christ, we don’t love at all…

So don’t follow the methods of this world, their view of love isn’t sacred or real. It’s an illusion that only meets your emotional needs for a short time. The real thing is authentic. Lust pleases now but hurts later, love hurts now but lasts forever.

As long as you expect something back for your action, you have not operated in love but in lust…

So next time, when you say “I love you”, just think about what you are actually saying, it means much more than that…

Published by Kristian M. Marion

Kristian M. Marion is a Christian thinker, poet, writer, author and blogger whose main focus is to glorify Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

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