I recently saw a post on Instagram that caught my attention.

After a man had committed suicide by jumping off a bridge, police found a note that said:

“If no one smiles at me while they walk past, I’ll jump.”

Well we all know that no one smiled. No one cared. They didn’t even notice someone standing strangely by a bridge. 

In today’s world, every Christian is a passerby on that bridge. We are so busy with our own lives that we don’t look around to see what’s happening around us. We are so busy at work, at school, with projects, our needs and wants, our goals that we never hear God speaking to us to reach out to someone that is in need. That depressed colleague might need encouragement or a word from God but we are so concerned about ourselves that we miss the opportunity. And one day we might ask, why would He do that? Or why did she go there? If we are too busy to allow God to speak to us, He won’t be able to speak through us. There are people who are broken, neglected an in pain. They have no hope, constantly in bondage, they may be tormented or dying on the inside. God might be revealing this to us but we aren’t taking notice. Open your eyes, speak life, minister and counsel with the power of the Holy Spirit. Show love and pray for them. Spread the Gospel. They might be looking for an answer but whatever they are trying isn’t going to work because Jesus is the only One who can help.

If you are too busy, you will miss every chance of God using you. You will live a mediocre life with complacency,but remember, there will be a day when you give up your last breath. And on that day you will face the consequences of what you did. And most importantly, what you did not do….

Published by Kristian M. Marion

Kristian M. Marion is a Christian thinker, poet, writer, author and blogger whose main focus is to glorify Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

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