I look at the world, and all I see is selfishness. I should not be surprised as this is prophesied in 2 Timothy 3. But what scares me more is that it is dominantly in the church itself. We have preachers constantly instructing the congregation to seek God for more and more. More prosperity. More health. More wealth. More opportunities and promotions. More gifts. More talents. More of this and more of that. Yet NO ONE thinks of the next person! The examples of Christ is highlighted by how much he had and what His stature was but they omit the background of selflessness. No one speaks about helping the needy anymore, or healing the sick, or giving encouragement to someone who is broken. Rather we judge them because that person has failed to be selfish like them. We are so concerned about ourselves that we forget that our lives do not belong us but it God’s alone. He uses us to reach others. We are so concerned about the gifts but fail to bear fruits. Without love, your feats are meaningless. Stop working so hard for temporary things that will one day fade away with this world. Focus on eternal things that will remain for all eternity.

We have come to the point where we seek inspiration instead of giving it.

We speak God’s word instead of living it.

Published by Kristian M. Marion

Kristian M. Marion is a Christian thinker, poet, writer, author and blogger whose main focus is to glorify Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

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