Between Stanzas

A poetry anthology of 100 poems. The book is available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback.

The Grand Designer

A Christian anthology of 70 poems with scriptural references. Available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback.


A novel fiction based on great bravery, overcoming the obstacles to reach where our dreams reside…

When Love Pays A Visit

Joey arrived with another cappuccino and placed it on the table by me.

“Wow! You guys know what I want, huh?” I said with a smile.

“This is on the house, Adam, from that nice girl inside.”

I looked through the windows of the café, and the girl with the black leather jacket smiled and waved at me. My smile disappeared. What I had witnessed was repulsive, and the gesture set off the alarm in my mind, I reacted robotically. I grabbed the coffee and stretched my arm out, and with a slow twist, poured the contents of the cup on the concrete floor. The smile on the girl’s face disappeared before she looked away.

Adam doesn’t believe in love. His main aim is to make sure everyone come to their senses. But when a new assistant arrives at the university that he works at, Adam’s beliefs are challenged by the possibility of love being true. Called out to a live debate at the County Fair, Adam scrambles for what he truly believes in. But what if he’s wrong?

The power of words reside within you,

and you decide how to use them.

Kristian m. marion


This blog exists to bring harsh truths in order that many can be set free by the power of the Gospel.

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