Welcome to my site! Here, I post about my latest books, news and poetry.

Glorifying Jesus is my main focus as I use different media such as books, stories, poetry etc to spread the Gospel and edify the Church.

I attend Church On The Move in Malvern where we believe that spreading the Gospel of Jesus is of utmost importance, however, we spend considerable time in equipping brothers and sisters to do the works of service.


I have published my novel The Wake Up Call on Kindle. Click here to purchase.

This religious fiction inspires Christians to dig deeper into the scriptures and find that they cannot live without the Holy Spirit. He is an essential part of our lives and without Him we cannot function in the calling that God has placed in our lives. The Church can be edified or rectified with Biblical verses that are entwined into the story’s lines to enable the reader to understand the importance of the Holy Spirit.


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